Website Design Process

  • After you have filled out the WORK WITH ME Form, we can schedule a brief consultation call. It is here where we can answer each others questions and see if this would be a good fit.
  • To get the project started, I will send an invoice along with a contract and welcome letter. This will outline in more detail about our process and what to expect.
  • After your contract is signed and your first invoice is paid, we will schedule your project and I will email you a detailed questionnaire to kick off the project.
  • After you have finished your questionnaire, we will schedule a meeting to go over the project in detail, discuss next steps and clarify any questions you may have.
  • I will create a mockup of your project with wireframes or a live site, depending on the complexity. You will have the opportunity to offer feedback and make up to three sets of revisions.
  • When we all revisions are made and we are ready to launch, your final payment is due. When that is received, your site will go "LIVE" and I will transfer ownership to you.
  • Any training we have agreed upon will take place after we have gone "LIVE".
  • It is so helpful to get feedback from clients, and I will send a form to find out how the whole process went for you and how we can make it better.